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Stone Pigman Participates in Principia College's New Orleans Field Program

This past Spring, Principia College asked Stone Pigman to participate in the college's ten week New Orleans Field Program. After agreeing to participate, Stone Pigman hosted Avery Poindexter, a student intern, who expressed interest in attending law school. As part of the field program, Avery worked at the firm as a paralegal assistant. In addition to learning about different aspects of the legal environment and attending hearings and trials, she studied Southern American Literature, volunteered with various non profit organizations and toured New Orleans and surrounding areas to gain a deeper understanding of the city and its unique culture and needs.

At the culmination of the program, Avery sat down with Stone Pigman's Human Resources Director, Birchey Butler, and gave an in-depth interview about the program. Avery explains that this was her first trip to New Orleans and describes the city as "beautiful". She also explains that she has gained a greater appreciation for litigation and the inner-workings of a law firm. She further comments that Stone Pigman is highly organized and that contributes to its success.

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