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Big Coffee, Our Cup of Tea

Stone Pigman's client, one of the top 5 green coffee sellers in the world, desired to expand its sales and become a more dominant player in the world of the green coffee market. When the opportunity arose for our client to purchase a competitor, namely the second largest green coffee seller in the world, who had a presence in more than 20 countries and had 3 times the production of our client, our client turned to us to handle all U.S. aspects of the acquisition.

Members of Stone Pigman's Corporate and Securities Practice Group took the lead on all U.S. matters, and we coordinated with the client's foreign counsel, the seller's foreign and U.S. counsel, and United States government agencies. To complete the acquisition, the approval of governmental agencies in the United States, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland was required. We were successful in obtaining swift approval from the government agencies, which enabled the transaction to close.

Our Corporate and Securities practice group offers a depth of experience and knowledge that permits us to respond creatively and effectively to our clients' needs, and that enables us to efficiently handle business transactions of any size and complexity. To view ad, please click here.

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