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Stone Pigman Celebrates 75 Years

Today, 75 years after the firm’s founding, Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann L.L.C. operates and succeeds in a more competitive legal environment and complex economy by remaining true to its longtime strategies of steady firm growth, crafting innovative legal solutions and utilizing professionals with proven experience.

“Companies and organizations are looking for their lawyers to be their counselors in new ways – from the use of technology in business or protecting their interests across continents. Stone Pigman’s experience in managing the toughest issues and most sophisticated legal problems for companies allows us to meet the longtime and emerging challenges facing business,” said Phillip Wittmann, Stone Pigman’s managing partner, who has been at the firm for 43 years.

In 2004, Stone Pigman’s seven decades of experience are used effectively in litigation and business matters that cross industry areas and legal specialties.

“The complex litigation and multi-district litigation problems that companies face are found in state courts and arbitration venues as often as federal court. Today, businesses need lawyers who can understand their company, culture and bottom line. Our lawyers are cross-trained with those needs in mind,” said Wittmann.

Founded in 1929, Stone Pigman has earned its reputation representing national, regional and local businesses in full range of litigation and business matters, including corporate, securities, real estate, intellectual property, health care, tax and estate planning.

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