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Louisiana Public Service Commission Prevails in Case Against Entergy

The firm, on behalf of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, has prevailed in a case against Entergy before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The judge held that Entergy raised costs to customers by diverting cheap electric energy in Arkansas to its own use in the competitive market and generating more expensive energy to serve its retail customers. The decision requires refunds to customers throughout the Entergy System, which were estimated by the LPSC's consultants as $144 million, plus interest. Stockholders will bear the cost of the refunds, assuming the decision is upheld on appeal.

Mike Fontham and Dana Shelton tried the case with assistance from Justin Swaim, Julie Bernard and Sarah Nickelotte, and briefing and other support from Noel Darce. Paul Zimmering consulted with them on strategy and other matters.

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