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Cameron International Dismissed on All Clams in BP Oil Spill

Cameron International Corporation was dismissed on all claims and as to all plaintiffs in the multi-district litigation arising from the BP oil spill that took place on the DeepWater Horizon oil drilling rig in April 2010.  Cameron had been sued as the manufacturer of the blow out preventer ("BOP"), which was on the rig when the explosion occurred. 

On April 3, 2013, the judge granted the motion in open court, stating that he had seen no evidence on which to conclude that Cameron was negligent or had produced a defective BOP.  According to the judge, all evidence concerning the BOP presented at trial was directed to the ultimate users of the equipment, BP and Transocean.  The trial included all of the pending claims, which included more than 100,000 individuals, the States of Louisiana and Alabama, certain local government entities, the United States and two Mexican states. 

A team of Stone Pigman attorneys led by Phillip Wittmann and Carmelite Bertaut represented Cameron in the litigation. 


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