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Phil Wittmann to Speak on Psychological Advocacy at ABA Conference

Phil Wittmann will co-present "Psychological Advocacy:  Using Reptilian Instincts and Defending Against Them" at the American Bar Association National Legal Malpractice Conference on April 27 at 2:45 p.m.  The “reptilian theory of advocacy” focuses on influencing the part of our brain identified as the bundles of ancestral instincts of anger and punishment.  As applied directly to legal advocacy, it is used to exploit the juror’s desire to expose and punish danger when it exists in the community and to place blame on a defendant large enough and powerful enough to “eliminate” that danger.  The speakers will discuss how to boil down complex issues to their essence, “talk turkey” with the jury and get to the heart of a matter.  Additional details about the conference can be found here


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