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Samantha Griffin to Speak at Loyola CLE Event

Samantha Griffin will co-present on the topic "Cutting Edge Evidence: New Federal Rules of Evidence 502 & its Effect on Privilege & Cyber Evid" on November 21. She will cover how the new rules will govern certain disclosures of privileged information and affect the attorney-client privilege and work product protections. She will also discuss the effect Rule 502 will have on subject matter waivers of privilege, what the rule means for inadvertent disclosures, how the federal rule will affect state court proceedings, how to make your agreements about the effect of disclosures binding on others and Cyber Evidence as technology changes and new evidentiary challenges arise. In addition, the seminar will discuss social media as it pertains to admissibility of texts and instant messages, Tweets, blogs, posts, and feedback as evidence and authentication and hearsay challenges.


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