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Parker Smith to Examine Software Development, License & "as-a-Service" Agreements

Demand for digital operations is rising, as businesses rush to take advantage of access to Big Data and advanced analytics to improve strategic decision-making, optimize day-to-day operations, and offer better products and services.  This rising demand presents exciting opportunities for companies looking to provide cutting-edge software solutions.  However, to fully take advantage of these opportunities and turn innovative software into a profitable business, such companies need to understand the legal strategies surrounding their development, ownership and monetization of digital operations. 

Parker Smith will present "Successfully Monetizing Digital Operations: An Introduction to Negotiating Software Development, License & 'as-a-Service' Agreements" at the Louisiana Technology Park on July 12, 2018.  The presentation will focus on proprietary rights in software and related data, software monetization methods (e.g., licenses and SaaS offerings), and key negotiating points for related contracts.  In addition, this presentation will discuss important issues related to compliance with data security and privacy laws.

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