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Summer Program

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Stone Pigman seeks to hire new associates primarily from our summer program, which we view as an important period for mutual evaluation. The program consists of both first and second-year law students, although the first-year program is very small. Students may choose to split their summer employment between Stone Pigman and other firms, but they are expected to spend at least five to six weeks with us.

We structure our summer program to parallel as closely as possible the work experience of a new associate. We attempt to provide each summer associate with a variety of work experiences in the firm's practice areas. If a summer associate has an interest in a particular area of law, we make every effort to accommodate that interest. Each summer associate is assigned a mentor, providing ready resources for responding to questions about the firm or providing assistance as necessary.

Our summer associates are encouraged to attend trials, hearings, depositions, appellate arguments, closings, negotiations and client meetings, and we manage the workload to maximize these opportunities.

We also enjoy getting to know our summer associates in a more relaxed setting, so we host a variety of summer social activities. These events may include informal gatherings like sporting events, dinners at leading restaurants or members' homes, and private functions that take advantage of the unique flavor of New Orleans.

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