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Stone Pigman works with entrepreneurs, startups and emerging companies to lay the foundation for growth and success. Our unique combination of legal knowledge and business and financial experience enable our lawyers to guide clients through every legal stage of a company's life cycle, from formation to public offering. We take the time to learn about our clients' companies in order to help identify and prioritize legal concerns in light of our clients' business strategies. We offer practical and thorough legal advice and services tailored to the business objectives and goals of our clients.

Stone Pigman is helping to grow and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and communities in Louisiana and the Gulf South.  Our CornerStone Program provides proactive legal services and flexible and customized pricing to selected startups and entrepreneurs.  We offer the resources of a top-tier law firm with a strong regional presence that has well-established relationships and experiences with members of the business and financial communities, including angel investors, private equity firms, venture capitalists and banks.

The CornerStone Program is comprised of Stone Pigman lawyers with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.  Our interdisciplinary approach leverages the knowledge and experience of our team members and enables us to provide startups and development-stage companies with a full range of legal services.

Entity Selection and Formation 

  • Draft and file organizational documents in chosen jurisdiction.
  • Draft corporate bylaws or operating agreement.
  • Draft the consent documents necessary to authorize companies to elect directors, appoint officers and open bank accounts, among other things.
  • Draft agreements among shareholders or members.
  • Prepare capitalization tables.
  • Prepare stock certificates.
  • Reserve company's name.
  • Handle other legal matters necessary to form a new business and get the company up and running.

Raising Capital

  • Draft stock or unit purchase agreements.
  • Draft convertible note purchase agreements.
  • Draft convertible notes.
  • Draft amendments to organizational documents.
  • Negotiate financing terms and prepare related term sheet.
  • Advise on crowdfunding options and requirements.
  • Advise on compliance with private placement rules.
  • Draft private placement memorandum.

Corporate Law & Governance

  • Advise companies regarding board matters and fiduciary duties.
  • Serve as custodian for corporate records and board minutes.
  • Advise the board with respect to capital raising and exit opportunities.
  • Advise the board with respect to securities law compliance.

Intellectual Property

  • Prepare federal filings for trademark and copyright protection.
  • Draft non-disclosure agreements.
  • Draft proprietary information and inventions agreements.
  • Draft assignment agreements to assign intellectual property to the company.
  • Draft website and mobile app terms of use and privacy policies and negotiate agreements with website and mobile app developers.
  • Negotiate and draft intellectual property licenses.
  • Advise on protection and enhancement of intellectual property.
  • Advise on false advertising laws.
  • Litigate claims of infringement or licensing disputes.


  • Advise on qualification for tax-exempt status.
  • Prepare organizational documents for non-profit organizations, including private foundations and public charities.
  • Prepare Application for Exempt Status and filing same with the IRS.
  • Advise non-profit organizations on operational matters, including funding, conflicts of interest, compensation and joint ventures with for-profit organizations.
  • Obtain state and local tax exemption, including ad valorem/property.
  • Non-profit mergers, consolidations and terminations.

Employment Matters, Benefits and Compensation

  • Negotiate employment terms.
  • Draft and negotiate employment agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements and consulting agreements.
  • Advise on status of workers as employees or independent contractors and structure independent contractor agreements.
  • Prepare option plans.
  • Prepare and review employee manuals/handbooks.
  • Advise on hiring, firing, employee discipline and leaves of absence.
  • Assist with Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and workplace investigations.
  • Representation before judicial and arbitral bodies and regulatory and agency tribunals.

Tax and Tax Incentives

  • Assist with business tax planning and structure.
  • Advise on self-employment tax matters.
  • Identify and advise on acquisition of eligible federal, state and local tax credits.
  • Assist with sales and employment tax audits and property tax disputes.
  • Advise on non-profit and private foundations.

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Advise on general liability policies, including property damages, personal injury, products liability, errors and omissions policies, directors' and officers' policies, employer liability coverage and automobile policies.
  • Advise on insurance claims, including claims for business interruption, fraud-related losses and property damages.
  • Advise on cyber security and data protection measures.
  • Pursue and defend insurance claims in litigation and arbitration.

Real Estate

  • Draft and negotiate leases and purchase and sale agreements.
  • Advise on landlord-tenant disputes, property management issues, foreclosures and title insurance claims.
  • Assist with real estate financings.
  • Assist with zoning issues, environmental impact studies, permitting actions and land use planning laws.

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